Saturday, November 14, 2009

Why is my cat loosing her teeth?

My 2 year old cats little front teeth are falling out!! they were barely there in the first place they looked like little white specs and now there falling out!! is this natural?

Why is my cat loosing her teeth?
A lot of cats loose the little teeth in the front, the ones between the big canine teeth. This is pretty normal. When they bite and grab something, those tiny teeth don't have very long roots and can be broken or loosened up and that's when they fall out.

Having a side molar fall out--THAT'S something to take the cat into the vet for. They need those and the roots are very long on them, so if there's a problem the vet should check that out.
Reply:i was a 5 year old
Reply:No -- she may have bad teeth. Cats need their teeth brushed like everyone, but usually they don't start feeling the effects of no brushing until older. She could have an infection, I woudl get it checked out. That can get serious if untreated, adn treating it is fairly easy with antibiotics (IF it is an infection).
Reply:I would call your vet. She shouldn't be losing her teeth at 2 years old. She could have some sort of dental disease or maybe a lack of a vitamin causing them to get soft and fall out. A vet appointment is your best bet.
Reply:It is not natural. You need to take her to your vet asap!
Reply:It is not natural for a 2 year old cat to lose their teeth. I would call your vet, your cat may have a health problem.
Reply:I would check for yellow and brown around your back teeth. Try to see if there is a build up of tarter. It could easily be periodontal disease, if it goes untreated it can spread and infection through the bloodstream to the heart, kidneys, liver....often fatal. I'd make an appointment with the vet.

Be sure to keep your pet up to date on their annual dental cleanings
Reply:You know, I've had cats do that at an early age, too. I read somewhere that certain types of virus will make them loose teeth but because mine never had red gums or bad smell or lost major teeth I didn't worry about it, because my cats have all been vaccinated for feline leukemia and everything else.

Since those are little grroming teeth it's not a big deal unless you see other symptoms or haven't vaccinated the cat.
Reply:You mentioned her front teeth were like specks, which is odd because that's not what they normally look like. Unfortunately, I don't think the teeth will grow back since at 2 years of age it is considered an adult cat. Looks like your cat has to live without front teeth for the rest of her life but the good thing is it won't really affect her that much since they don;t really use the front teeth for eating. Even if all the teeth fall out, you still can feed wet food. :)

But the Important thing is to get her checked by vet in case there's some serious underlying health problem that's causing the teeth to fall out. It's very unusual for a young cat to lose her teeth. Peridontal disease usually starts to affect cats from about 3 years of age onwards, depending on the diet and the cat's eating habit. If you let the cat graze on the food all day it will be faster for tartar to build up. However,it's the side/back teeth that are affected in most cases, not the front.

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