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Do people collect animals teeth?

My kitten is turning into a cat and 3 of his teeth have fallen out...and he is getting his new teeth in...I have them in zip lock bags and was wondering if there was a place that collect parts of animals like teeth for museum statues or stuff like know how people stuff animals...dead ones that have died naturally not killed to be stuffed...I was wondering if anyone knew so I could send my cats teeth in...this sounds weird I know its 10pm and im

Do people collect animals teeth?
You must be in Hawaii. There are probably no taxidermy shops on any island there. I doubt you have a natural history museum. They might be useful to those kinds of establishments but I suspect you don't have them there.
Reply:I'd guess that cat teeth are common enough that no one would be particularly interested in them, why don't you keep them yourself? I never found any of my kittens baby teeth, but I do save whiskers that I find around the house. And you thought your idea sounded weird ;-)
Reply:I bought a shark jaw in Maui and a few shark teeth necklaces.

I also live on a dairy and look for cow teeth in the water troughs. It's pretty cool what teeth people collect.

Male cat, neutered , 5 years old defecates in front of female cats litter box. How do I make him stop?

Female cat is 7 yrs. old spayed. She was here 1st since she was a kitten. Male is 5 yrs. old, and has lived here for 5 months. He chases the female, and they don't get along. There are 2 litter boxes. He uses his all the time but every morning he defecates in front of the females litter box. I have to put newspapers down so it doesn't get on my carpet. I have moved the boxes to separate rooms thinking this would help, but it doesn't. There are two areas of the house now where the cats can get food and water, and this hasn't helped. I show the male what he has done, use my fingers around his neck like a mother cats teeth, and say no to him. He knows he has done something bad, but he still keeps doing it. At his previous home he lived with a small dog. He started doing it 3 yrs.later when the 2nd dog came to live there. My son gave up on the cat and asked me to help. The cat was fine the first three months he lived with me. I am 64 and daughter 39 no children in the house.

Male cat, neutered , 5 years old defecates in front of female cats litter box. How do I make him stop?
The male is trying to show dominance over the female. He is the newcomer so he has to try to show the female that he is in control. If you have 2 litter boxes and he only makes the mess outside of the one she uses, then you can't really do much to stop him. Showing the mess to him does no good, because when you do that, the cat's reaction is "Yeah, it's mine. Thanks for pointing it out to me." He is only doing it instinctively and doesn't realize (and probably never will) that this is unacceptable behavior. Try making both of them use the same box for awhile. If that doesn't help then he is definitely doing it to dominate the female and you'll have to give him to someone who will keep him as their only pet. He is not happy being with other animals, that's obvious from his behavior at the former home.
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My cat and my bird?

I had this love bird and i have this cat. My cat is a cat, but i don't know how to go around this. My love bird was in it's cage, i was at school, and my mom went to pick me up. When we got home i went into my room to find my bird dead with cat teeth marks in it, my cat laying on my bed. The bird was like a family member, and my cat killed, how should i go around it with my animal? please help.

My cat and my bird?
Cats hunt small moving things that's just the way it is . I am sorry you lost your bird but your kitty did not do this for any other reason besides instinct. If you plan on getting another bird make sure his cage is hung from the ceiling so kitty can't get at it , and keep your bedroom door shut when you aren't there . Try to understand your cat and if you decide to get any other small pets make sure they are kitty proof.
Reply:Keep the bird in a room with a closed door next time.
Reply:I am sincerely sorry to hear this. As awful as your cat seemed to be, you must realize that it wasn't the cat's fault. All cats have a natural hunting instinct, and are not conscientious about the results of their actions. The best thing you can do is try to get to know your cat better, so he too will seem like a family member. If you get another bird, make sure that there is absolutely NO WAY the cat can get to it. It is not fair to your cat if you harm him in any way or get rid of him.
Reply:Definitely keep the bird and cat separate, and if that is too much of a problem don't buy anymore birds! You have to be responsible with your pet choices. If you have no way of keeping your cat away from the bird, you shouldn't get another one. You could try putting the cage somewhere safer next time, like in a hanging cage on a stand.

My cat has really bad breath. Any at-home treatment ideas?

I've had a lot of cats in my lifetime, but my 3 year old cat is the first one I've had who has bad breath. It's unbearable!

I will be switching cat foods soon. As soon as this bag runs out, no more Whiskas! But, I don't know if that is the problem.

I have seen breath fresheners for dogs, but none for cats.

I am going to mention it to her vet next time I take her in to see if it is feline halitosis. I have heard of people brushing their cats' teeth, but my cat would never, ever let me do that. Is there anything I can do to freshen her breath at home?


P.S. Feel free to chuckle if you would like. I know I would. :-)

My cat has really bad breath. Any at-home treatment ideas?
Bad breath is something to pay attention to. There could be lots of reasons. Your cat could be getting into something gross. Or maybe has a dental problem. Or other internal health problem. If your cat has a healthy diet, there should be no bad breath on a regular basis. I would start by checking the teeth, then making sure you are feeding kitty a very high quality food. After a couple weeks of a new diet, if still bad breath, then go to the vet.
Reply:I wish I knew. One of my three has bad beath, too. I'll keep checking back to see if anyone has any good advice. By the way, mine eat wet little friskies.
Reply:dog had the same cleaned her teeth and cleared up that problem....
Reply:You never mentioned brushing your cats teeth...they have cat tooth paste and finger brushes, ya know. I used to get my cat's teeth cleaned once a year- by the vet (requires anesthesia)
Reply:My cat does too! Ugh.

His teeth and digestion were all checked out by the vet and he got the thumbs up. Very healthy teeth infact, we got praised for those.

But his breath is rank.

He has been eating Innova brand food.

I tried a lot of things... Treats with parsley and other natural herbs, wheat grass... Nothing worked too well and I hated cleaning up after him. Wheat grass makes them spit up.

Recently he's started getting Greenies cat treats and those do seem to be helping. You just need to make sure to give them what the package sugguests, in this case it is about 18 pieces. It seems like a lot, but it has helped.
Reply:If you just rub some cat toothpaste in her mouth that helps.

My daughter had the same problem and had to have her cat's teeth scraped. The cat had periodontal decease. No longer does the cat have bad breath.

If it's that unbearable then she needs to have her teeth cleaned by the vet or more done.
Reply:YIPPEE! CATS! sorry....I'm random.

*Anyways,* I recommend some kitty-safe mouthwash or toothpaste. Mix it in with your cat's food.
Reply:I had the same exact problem! At all the pet stores, they sell these 'cat mints'. It's like a treat for cats but it doesn't stink up their breath! It's like $1.00 and it really works. I know some of them say 'chicken flavour' and 'fish flavour' and more, but it smells nothing like it! IT REALLY WORKS! Oh, and just a heads up: I left the mints on the edge of a table, my cat knocked them over and ate all of them. (Keep them out of reach) HEHE GOOD LUCK!
Reply:If your cat has feline halitosis it is because the teeth are

rotting and they have a lot of plaque and tarter, pls take

the cat to the vet, to clean and extract the bad ones. I know

because my cat casper has the same problem. Good

Reply:First, when switching foods, you want to combine the two and gradually make the change over a weeks time.

Next, bad breath can be many things, not just the food. It could be a dental issue or mouth ulcer or tumor. Could be heart disease or kidney disease. Could even be diabetes. Consult with your vet before switching foods. She should be examined to be sure it's not a more serious issue.

"Dog/Puppy or Cat/Kitten Bad Breath—My pathology teacher used to tell us, “Cells are cells. They all act alike.” Treating bad breath in pets is much the same as treating bad breath in humans. One thing I’ve noticed though is that pets get sores on their tongue from Chlamydia or herpes infections more often than humans do. When this happens, the tongue can erode. When this happens, you will see lots of saliva, the pet tries to eat, but can’t, and they start to lose weight. Open their mouth, and check for sores. If it smells like rotten tissue and you see those tell-tale red sores, see your local vet. Feed liquid diets for a while until they recoup and their tongue heals.

If the teeth are red at the gum line, it could be a tooth coming in (pets will be less than 8 months of age) or maybe the teeth need cleaning (you will see lots of tarter built up around the back molars, on the canine teeth, or behind the front teeth.)

Don’t confuse these types of halitosis with the smell of healthy puppy and kitten breath which naturally goes away when the gut flora is established.

With all halitosis, it’s important to determine the cause of the bad breath and rectify it. Halitosis is a symptom of something not working right in the body (except when you eat garlic.) Healthy breath is part of a healthy body. These things can be corrected. Covering up the symptom with mouthwash or mints is only a temporary fix to a deeper problem."

End Quote.
Reply:i personally have 3 cats with a few in the past i would say give them a small dab of food that smells good or even a really small drop of toothpaste but check with your vet first to make sure its ok. good luck. :)

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I am feeding an emaciated stray cat . He has four canine and no other teeth. Have you ever seen this this?.?

Impossible to determine how old he is

I am feeding an emaciated stray cat . He has four canine and no other teeth. Have you ever seen this this?.?
Thank the LORD I saw this question! I have alot of experience with saving cats/kittens.

The tooth problem is not good. AT ALL. You need to get this animal to the vet to make sure there are no infections.

Out a trapping cage out in your yard. Everyday you feed the animal, gradually move the bowl of food closer to the cage until eventually it is in the cage. Trap the animal and keep it calm over night. The next day take it to the vet to get checked out! Perhaps if the animal is okay, you can keep it yourself. You just saved its life, and taking it in would be even better for it.
Reply:It's not common, but it can happen if the cat is older or has been eating bad food. It would be nice to take him in and make sure he doesn't have worms or some disease.
Reply:he's a vampire cat haha jk well he could have been run over or hurt in some way and his teeth knocked out and broken there are a number of reasons a stray cat could be malformed you know maybe you could send me a pic of the cat then i could tell you more my husband knows more about this stuff
Reply:He let you look? If so, he may have been somebody's pet at one time and they fed him soft food or didn't get him to the vet much and his teeth went bad and fell out. He sounds like he could use a friend, and a trip to the vet to be checked out. Good luck!
Reply:first i think you should take him to the vet but i think he could eat on his own if you fed him soft food like salmon and tuna but don't feed him soft food that is intended for pets it is really bad for them because if the chemicals and the real stuff is the same price. hope it helped
Reply:Cats loose teeth for any number of reasons, so yes, it's possible to find most of the teeth missing. In his case he would have a hard time cutting up his prey/food into pieces he can swallow, so giving him dry or canned food would be a blessing. It's probably the reason he's so starved, he can't get food chewed small enough to get down his throat.

The tooth may be gone from sight, but the roots may still be there. Check for swelling in the jawline or on the cheeks, if he'll let you. A vet could tell if the roots are out.

He needs food, if you can't catch him at least put food out for him on a regular basis and a water bowl as well.

Cat breathe [eewwww]? help??

HI my cat has the most horrible breathe ever it is sooo bad i'll bet you it could kill a skunk[lol] can i use dog tooth paste on her or do i have to use cat tooth paste?? will it hurt her help we've tried all kinds of cat food nothing helps soo maybe brushing her teeth would help?? but ya can i use it???

Cat breathe [eewwww]? help??
Hi there...generally, when a cat exhibits bad breath it could be a result of either periodontal, kidney, respiratory or liver disease to diabetes, skin disease (involving tissue around the lips) or oral trauma, such as electric cord injury. However, by far, the most common problem associated with bad breath is periodontal disease. All which will require a veterinarian's evaluation to treat respectively.

More about feline bad breath causes by Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine for Feline Health:

Ideally, cat toothpaste would be better to use for brushing teeth.

Here's an instructional video on how to brush cats teeth by Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine for Feline Health:
Reply:Take her to the vet she may have teeth that need to be removed or it could be the sign of a a larger problem.
Reply:Take your poor kitty to the vet and have her teeth cleaned. Your breath would be horrible, too, if you never went to the dentist.
Reply:rancid breath is a sign of kidney disease. it is also a sign of periodontal disease as well as bad diet.

Have your cat checked thoroughly by a veterinarian to rule out serious problems and put your house carnivore on a species appropriate diet of raw meat.

The ripping and tearing action needed to remove dinner from the bone will clean your cat's teeth naturally, and there will be no need to brush.

Just remember to feed giblets or other organ meat once a week or so.
Reply:Im not sure about that, but I do know that alot of the specialty animal food stores have kitty cat breath mints and they really do work
Reply:you can go to the store... go to the baby isle... get the lil toothbrush that slides over your finger... you can use baby toothpaste.... that is BABYtoothpaste... not kids toothpaste... baby toothpaste and you can brush kitties teefies.
Reply:well what kind of cat food have you tried? if youve tried fancy feast, friskies, any kind of purina, premium edge, iams...youre not doing yourself a favor. try a premium, or holistic brand that doesnt have all the nasty fillers in it. eagle pack, natural choice, nutrisource all can take care of the majority of it. but unfortunatly even at its best, cat breath will still be a bit stinky!! good luck. oh some petstores sell greenies for cats and kitty mints, my cats dont like the mints but they looooove the greenies
Reply:I agree with the answers that said you should take your cat to the vet. Sometimes there are teeth that are infected and need to be removed. That happened with one of my cats. Also, when my cat was older and had developed kidney failure, her breath was horrible and the vet told me that the bad breath was a symptom of the kidney problems. So I would take your kitty in to the vet and have her checked over. Then, if it's not a health problem, I'm sure the vet could recommend something to help with the bad breath. There are treats you can buy that are supposed to sweeten a cat's breath. But my first step would be the vet to make sure it's nothing serioius.
Reply:Take your cat to the vet - it's probably a dental problem.

Cats keep their teeth clean by eating raw meat. It is good to give cats raw meat daily or at least a few times a week.
Reply:I hate to be a bearer of bad news but your cat probably has medical problem that needs to be addressed immediately.

Take her to the vet ASAP. Brushing her teeth will not help.

Are ALL of my cats baby teeth supposed to fall out?

My cat recently lost one tooth about a week and a 1/2 ago and not she is loosing more. Is this normal? Are ALL of them supposed to fall out? She's around 4 Months old is this the normal age to be loosing her teeth?

Are ALL of my cats baby teeth supposed to fall out?
All their baby teeth should fall out to make way for the adult teeth, they won't ALL fall out at the same time, it will be gradual. She probably already lost some and you didn't notice. Every once in a while they will retain baby teeth and you will have a baby tooth and an adult side by side, more common in dogs though.
Reply:4 months old is normal age to start losing the baby teeth. Its just like with a human child, they come out one by one. But with animals, you won't always notice when they lose one. Many times it gets swallowed and you never see it. The canine teeth (the pointy ones) will sometimes be double for a bit. The adult tooth grows out while the baby tooth still hasn't fallen out quite yet. My youngest one did that and he looked like a shark for a little while. =)
Reply:um she shouldn't lose all her teeth at once....she should lose them in like a 2 year period of time
Reply:kitty's teeth are supposed to start falling out at about 4 months. but not all at once. it may take up to 1 1/2 years! my youngest cat started when he was 4 months and he is still losing them, maybe one a week and he is 9 months old. this is perfectly normal, but do expect them to start teething on you...ouch!!! good luck!! :)

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